books.jpgGWQ Inc places priority on providing financial assistance for women to undertake university studies in Australia and overseas.

In 2009 the Queensland committee awarded the Inaugural Indigenous Women’s Award at the Australian Catholic University. This Award of $1000.00 will be bestowed annually. Jo-ann Brock, the recipient in 2010 wrote to the Committee expressing her gratitude and said:

“Let me first start by offering my appreciation of being awarded the Indigenous Woman’s Award. I can not express enough what this has meant for me and my family.

I am a 25 year old Indigenous woman descendant of William Henry Holten (Goola) and Josephine Pearl Moran from the language groups of Dunghutti (Kempsey) and Biripai (Port Macquarie). I was born in Port Macquarie and spent the earliest years of my life sailing around Australia on my fathers yacht. We settled in the Telegraph Point area on a small farm. We lived a very modest lifestyle and my father worked very hard while my mother sought an education. She is a very remarkable woman, overcoming all odds and has been an inspiration to me my entire life.

I love learning and this love is what has steered me in the right direction. It saddens me that so many members of my extended family particularly my cousins have been directly affected by alcoholism and drugs, not feeling the need to seek an education. I believe by keeping my head down and working hard has led me to a better life and sets a good example to those who feel they have little choice.

A further bursary is awarded to a female student from regional/remote Queensland. All branches of GWQ award bursaries in their local region. (Please see link to branches on the home page for further details). These bursaries are to assist women with their studies.

Fellowships Fund Inc. (FFI)

Fellowships Fund Inc. (FFI) has been providing fellowships and scholarships for postgraduate research or study since 1972.

FFI owns and manages the Academic Dress Hire Service (ADHS). It is a charitable organization and profits from its operations together with investment funds, provide Fellowships to women postgraduate students. The funds from the gowning of graduands help to provide the generous fellowships that we offer each year. All the proceeds are dedicated solely to the GWQ Fellowships Fund.

We welcome all who would like to help with this important work. Volunteers are always welcome to assist during busy times, particularly during graduation ceremonies.

Enquiries regarding fellowships please direct to

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AFGW Fellowships and Grants

Inquiries regarding AFGW Inc awards only should be directed to the AFGW Fellowships Officer. Copies of the application form and the applicant instructions can be downloaded from the AFGW website

GWI Fellowships and Grants

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